Retail Construction

In restaurant construction, experience is the key and Cook General Contracting has experience in all levels of the dining experience. Restaurant construction is unlike any other and focuses on the ambiance as well as the installation. Your restaurant needs to open on time and we strive to make opening night more about the food than the finish. Our team understands the unique aspects of restaurant construction, from the kitchen and prep areas to space for the staff. From fine dining wine racks to the best coffee stations in town, Cook General understands that for some guest the experience means as much as the food.

Creating Unique And Accessible Retail Spaces

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We know how to meet the strict requirements for ventilation, fire protection, and safety, and our expert craftsmen routinely install stainless steel surfaces, kitchen and specialty equipment. Teamed up with some of the best restaurant designers in the industry – we strive to make sure that your next review stresses the quality of lighting as it hits your chef’s choice dish.

Most Recent Restaurant Completions Include:

• Frankie’s The Steakhouse
• Reveille Cafe