Cook General Contracting provides a comprehensive team with a wide range of experience constructing government projects including municipal, county, state and federal facilities. The experience and familiarity with the unique challenges in these sectors such as QA/QC requirements, security, permitting, licensing and registration terms allows us to maximize the return on investment for our clients. We respect the value of those dollars, not only for the project but the tax dollars contributed to those projects. We believe in delivering high-quality value behind those dollars to provide the best value for our communities.

Creating Quality Construction With Local Governments

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Cook General possess the necessary government permits, licenses and training to complete your government or federal projects. We understand the complexities of public sector projects and excel within all agency requirements. Our team are experts in project management, representing government construction projects in the communities where we live and work. Our process provides fiscally responsible government procurement of construction services by providing the flexibility, value and communication necessary to fulfill these processes.
Cook General Contracting successfully completes projects ranging from new construction to tenant improvements, such as secure work, aviation, corporate interiors, campus development, multi-purpose recreation facilities, along with federal, state and local government projects.
We have delivered several government projects including:

• Frank Johnson Community Center
• NW Cottages in Gainesville, GA
• Rabun County Gymnasium