Mixed Use Development

In the world of retail/office and mixed-use development — timing can make or break a project. Mixed-use development is the practice of allowing more than one type of use in a building or set of buildings and is at the forefront of commercial construction projects across the United States. Mixed-use planning allows for people to live, work, shop and play within a close community setting in a specific area.

Cook General Contracting understands that delivering a successful mixed-use project requires the maximum in design phase teamwork. Due to the variation in space utilization and potential tenant demands, complete planning and document review processes must be adhered to by all team members. Cook’s relationships with the best designers in the industry allow us to deliver the greatest overall value to the client. That same team leadership from design through construction is what ensures project completion.

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The planning of a mixed-use development makes this market one of the most challenging. Creation of the all-inclusive community experience within just a couple blocks involves understanding the balance of multi-housing construction, parking structures, office buildings and retail. Each element introduces new construction techniques and methods.

Communication, consistent quality control and impeccable safety standards are imperative throughout the process. With a mix of private developers, public entities and public-private partnership, we offer the complete solution and will be your partner from site selection to ribbon cutting.